Search Engine SEO Hints

Search Engine SEO Hints

Please see a few articles that we have published below relating to search engine optimisation, or watch this video by Google to see how a search works.

SEO Hints

Plusto regularly publishes articles that help our website owners improve Search Engine results for their websites.

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Helping Your Customers Find You and Your Products
An Introduction To Search Engine Optimisation – Do you dream about searching, for example, ‘camping equipment’ and finding your camping equipment retail website on page one (at the top!) of the search results page? Good – that’s exactly what you should be striving for. At Plusto we have gathered our best SEO people to help you achieve that goal.

A Sitemap is not Just a Map, it’s an SEO Tool
Sitemaps are not just for users anymore; search engine spiders use ‘XML protocol’ sitemaps to better understand and more efficiently index websites.

Choose Your Domain Name Wisely
It’s the threshold of your marketplace It’s best to think about your domain name before you get started but, even if you have already established a domain name, it’s possible to either change it or establish a second, more effective name that links to your primary site.

How To Attract Website Users With Content
You’ve come to, found products that you are sure you can sell to a market that you know is out there waiting to buy, and you have made arrangements with suppliers. You’ve followed the advice in our Website User Guide and constructed a site that is product–rich, with a highly user-friendly shopping cart and electronic payment function. Now you need to get your product out in front of your marketplace, ahead of 10,000 or so other ecommerce websites selling similar products. It’s true, you are still competing with all of the other entrepreneurial souls who have employed all of those same techniques for best search engine ranking.

How to Optimise Flash for Search Engines
Website owners often employ multimedia and artistic design elements to stand out. Flash movies, animation and graphics improve aesthetics and functionality, resulting in an enhanced user experience. Professional website designers often employ flash in their designs, which results in beautiful, memorable sites. But, if you want to improve your search engine rankings, you need to know how to deal with Flash in your search engine optimisation strategy. If you are reading our SEO article series in order, you have just learned some insider tips for page optimisation. This article gives you an in-depth view of the issues surrounding Flash and provides practical advice for taking advantage of the value of Flash as well as attracting excellent search rankings.

Linking Strategy – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Links serve two purposes: Generating traffic and user interest – the more inbound links, the more people are looking at your merchandise; the more quality outbound links, the more useful your site is to people, encouraging them to return for additional value. Earning points towards ranking in search engines – Search engines look not only for content and frequent updating, they also rank your website based on how many high quality websites/pages link to your site.

Optimising Web Pages
If you are interested in optimising your web pages, you may be happy to know that you can read people’s advice for the next 40 hours straight and probably not consume all of the advice and analysis available on the subject. We’ve done a lot of reviewing and have found a lot of redundancy, a good deal of outdated information and learned a few interesting techniques that you may want to think about. Hopefully, you’ve read the previous articles in our SEO series so that you have designed your website correctly and filled the pages with useful content. Here are some of the best tips we’ve come across to optimise those pages.

Site Architecture Aids SEO
The way you set up your site makes a very big difference. Done correctly, you can attract web spiders to index most or all of your pages. Done poorly and you can lose out on a lot of potential traffic. It’s time to put all the background information from our earlier articles on search spiders and keyword selection to use in your site.

The Key to More Traffic? Keyword Research
If you want to attract traffic to your site, you must know which keywords to use to tap into your target market. We have talked a lot about keywords in our introductory articles on SEO, Search Engines Deconstructed Parts I and II and Latent Semantic Indexing. Now let’s look at the keyword concept in depth. A keyword is a word that an Internet user types into the Google or Yahoo or MSN search box to look for information, products, etc, on-line. That word or combination of words brings up pages of listings ranked by relevance to the keyword in terms of content, linkages and so on. If your site isn’t using the keywords that your customers are typing into search engines, they are not going to find you and your products. How do you figure out which keywords will be most effective for you? You need to do some analytics.

Tips to Improve Your Homepage
Your homepage is the most critical online presence that you own. If you create the right first impression, users will continue to click through your site and you’ll have the opportunity to entice them to buy. Mess up the homepage and selling online will be an uphill battle.