POP vs IMAP – What’s the difference?
Overview: POP and IMAP are 2 methods/protocols to access email. Do you use more than one device for email (e.g. desktop & mobile)? Then IMAP is your best choice – but watch out for disk over–usage on your hosting account. Do you download email to only one device e.g. your computer? Then POP is an option. If in doubt use IMAP Choose the correct incoming email protocol when setting
Search Engine SEO Hints
Please see a few articles that we have published below relating to search engine optimisation, or watch this video by Google to see how a search works. SEO Hints Plusto regularly publishes articles that help our website owners improve Search Engine results for their websites. Please feel free to download the PDF documents below. Helping
Understanding a Search Results Page
We often get asked by clients about search results pages on Google. Obviously this is a very important issue because being found on search engines like Google is critical to any company’s online success. I’ve put together this article to explain in layman’s terms how it all works and what the different components of a
Reach more customers with AdWords
With AdWords, you can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they’re searching for your products or services. These different ways to target your ads can help make sure you’re putting your advertising budget towards reaching only the people most likely to become your customers.  
What is PayFast?
PayFast is a payments processing service for South Africans and South African websites. We enable easy, secure and instant transfer of money from online buyers to sellers. We allow sellers –individuals, businesses and charities– to accept secure payments from online buyers in a variety of ways. We process credit cards from anywhere in the world,
The difference between domain and website hosting
Where You Host Your Domain Name And Where You Host Your Website…What’s The Difference? What is the difference between where you host your domain name and where you host your website? Many people don’t necessarily realize that these are two separate and distinct services, and while sometimes offered by one company that offers multiple solutions,